About AonC

About AcCounting OnComputers Incorporated

AcCounting OnComputers Incorporated is uniquely qualified to assist you in adapting a new or current accounting system into one that provides the information you require to manage your business.

We accomplish this by working with the resources you already have – mainly your computers and people – and combine them with a new, or enhanced, accounting system.

Computers are fundamental to your ability to compete. We are experienced with business and accounting applications running with the latest Windows and SQL Server technologies.

Accounting does not have to be the chore it once was – if you have the right system and the right support. AcCounting OnComputers Incorporated is trained to assist in streamlining your accounting and reporting functions from both bookkeeping and management perspectives.

People are the key to your organization’s success. With years of experience, in both one-on-one and formal classroom settings, we train your employees to work with your accounting and computer systems.

Lisa Blair Ireland, founder of AcCounting OnComputers Incorporated, has an extensive background in both computers and accounting, including degrees from University of Notre Dame and Sonoma State University.

Since its creation in 1994, AcCounting OnComputers Incorporated has grown to include  professionals supporting dozens of accounting systems in many industries.

AcCounting OnComputers Incorporated strives to support businesses of all sizes and needs – from single person entities needing tools to grow their organizations to larger organizations with hundreds of employees and multiple locations requiring sophisticated accounting and management systems.  As part of this strategy, we are an affiliate of InterDyn BMI, A Columbus Company.

InterDyn BMI, A Columbus Company is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has been a leader dedicated to the sales, consulting, service and support of Microsoft business solutions since 1985. InterDyn BMI focuses on integrating and delivering all aspects of a client’s business needs including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The company now has 22 locations across the United States and is currently working with more than 2,200 active clients to provide ongoing support services.

Dynamics 365 Partner

One of the largest and most recognized Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners with thousands of active customers served by over 300 team members in local offices across North America. Over 30 years as a recognized leader in ERP, CRM, productivity and business intelligence solutions has landed SBS Group in the top 1% of Microsoft Dynamics Partners worldwide.