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  • Business Intelligence:  From to, we have caught the BI bug!
  • Expense Reporting:  Are you looking to streamline/enhance your expense reporting?  Concur has excellent integrations with our most popular accounting products (including a special module just for Dynamics GP and a QuickBooks integrated app!).
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  • Excel Integration:  Virtually every product we support now has some kind of linked integration with Excel.  If you are still exporting/re-keying data into Excel, check in with us about other techniques!
  • SQL Reporting Services:  Is your accounting data stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database (all Microsoft Dynamics products are!)?  If so, SQL Reporting Services is included if you are running currently supported versions of Microsoft SQL Server.  We can help with your SQL Reporting configuration!
  • Office 365:  Have you heard about the Office 365 alternative for keeping current with your company’s Microsoft Office products?
  • Paperless Office:  We’ve been hearing about it for decades, but with the increased storage and processing capacities of today’s computers and databases, scanning and storing documents continue to improve.
  • Financial Statements/Forecasting/Budgeting:  With FRx retired and Management Reporter maturing, we have been actively researching different financial reporting tools.  Many reporting tools are now based inside Excel and/or web-enabled.
  • Web-Based Accounting/ERP Solutions:  We are big fans of ancillary tasks (expense reporting, electronic bill pay, credit card encryption, etc.) being stored in the “The Cloud” but are cautious when it comes to storing mission-critical, confidential, and/or proprietary systems outside your organization’s physical control.  We do have strategic relationships in place for subscription and/or hosting various products, including Dynamics GP as well as QuickBooks Desktop!